Tuesday, March 30, 2010

And the jewel case cover and interior, with a short synopsis. the bio is a bit different , but it works
for the niche id like to fill in the future. writing and illustrating childrens books, i think i'd be wicked awsome for it! of course a dictionary and learning to use capitals once in a blue moon might help! :D

Rotations and character designs for Home is where the heart flies

the secondary star of my story, the sparrow, based on the house or european sparrows
size comparison between Mme.DuCroix , Gaspard and the sparrow
Mme.DuCroix colored and rotated,
roughed costumes
mothers rough rotation
Gaspard colored and clothed
roughed costume
basic shapes for Gaspard :) i like the way he resembled a victorian style doll when he was rotated

Friday, March 26, 2010

Fine Tooning pages!

Oh hai! welcome to what is our year book! My indie film page is above, the bird scene is one of my favorites in my film :)
and this , is ,, any guesses? Life Drawing! yes , one of the
most important things ever :)
My sketch book choices, i actually drew the central bunny the night before it was due,, hate to say it... Tom is ALWAYS right.