Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mr. jay

Recently i had a visit from a good friend who took a fine arts course up in thunderbays' lakehead university. Shes gone off again to Korea now , to teach young men conversational english and take in as much of the culture as she can. :) At the family's house for supper we exchanged comments over our portfolios, and at her exclamations over our lifedrawing, she gave us *jayce and i* the remains of her lifedrawing materials, consisting of soft pastel and some marvellous paper that seems to eat color. :D

So far this is my first try , but i enjoy the way the colors mix! its much fun, jayce did some really good bust nudes, aaand i had a more whimsical idea. *lolz*

Anyway! My thanks and love goes out to Stephanie in Korea, and to everyone hope you have a good night :3

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a miniature thumb for the beginning pan to my third year film, its only about 10 inches
but was so pretty , decided to blog it :) so far , im finding out that animation paper hates
water color,, i know *duh* right? but i had to try, and i WILL finish the bugger!
though , i did the smart thing and bought water color paper for the rest of my bgs, all being
done traditionally :D

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ok! i've done some middle of winter-spring cleaning,
some really old stuff has been chucked to make way for some awsome new stuff :D
Welcome to a new year , just to catch up from the last time i blogged, im in the third year of the animation program at algonquin college, and in the process
of making my own film.
Eventually i'll get some prelims up here , and who knows, i may get to like blogging and updating. :)
So! to everyone out there, have a good one , and
a better one tomorow :D
-pic- my character Gaspard, and myself as a kid
hanging out, we both like birds and recently i aquired
a hat shaped like an owl it IS an awsome hat :)